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STEP 2: Drag and drop the .atn file in your 'Actions' file. Go to 'Applications', find your 'Adobe Photoshop' file, then click 'Presets' and 'Actions'.

STEP 3: Next, re-open your Photoshop and go to the 'Actions' tab.

STEP 4: Click on the top right 'Menu' symbol. A drop down will appear. Click on 'Transparent Channels'.

STEP 5: Now you can see in the 'Actions' tab, there is new file with two actions.

STEP 6: Next, open your artwork with your separate colour layers.

STEP 7: We'll start with the blue layer. Turn off the other layers.

STEP 8: Before you start the action, make sure your file is in CMYK.

STEP 9: Go to the 'Action' tab and select the 'CMYK > Trans Layer' action. Then click on 'Play' at the bottom of the tab.

STEP 10: A new image layer will be created with transparent background.

STEP 11: Before saving your file, be sure your artwork is in 'RGB Color'.

STEP 12: Now we are ready to save this layer as PNG. Go to 'File' and 'Save As...'.

STEP 13: Name your file appropriately with Your name/Project title + the ink colour assigned to the artwork. The format should be PNG.

STEP 14: Repeat these steps for each colour layer.

STEP 15: You are now ready to use our Print Simulator! Head to our website and launch the app.

STEP 16: First, select the paper you want to print on. Click on the drop down to choose one.

STEP 17: The next step is to upload your artwork into the simulator. Click on 'Upload PNG with transparency...' onto 'Layer 1'.

STEP 18: A Finder window will appear. Locate your first stencil of your artwork and 'Open'.

STEP 19: You can now try our different inks and play with the opacity of your artwork.

STEP 20: Import your second stencil in 'Layer 2' and choose an ink. You now have simulation of 2 colour riso print! Play and explore your options!